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Gene Keys Guidance

The Gene Keys is a system of self-empowerment and transformation.


Utilizing the powerful skills of 

gentle self-inquiry 


 patient contemplation,


it is a portal

 into discovering and unlocking

our greatest gifts,

our deepest love,

and highest potential

wrapped up

 within our DNA.

The Gene Keys system is a way of discovering and unlocking our greatest potential by exploring and deeply contemplating archetypal patterns in our DNA (in our genes). Each of the 64 gene keys lies within our DNA and can be worked with to help us transmute our fears (both conscious and unconscious) into the higher vibration of love.

The Gene Keys website is a treasure trove of resources to help us with this journey.  There are articles to read, audios and videos to listen to and watch, self-study programs, group experiences, a community forum, and more.


I found the Gene Keys system in 2016, before there were so many courses and so much information to digest.  It can be a bit confounding at first, looking at all of the options available now. 

I suggest you trust your intuition to guide you through it,

and to take your time. 

There are so many ways to navigate this system

and receive its profound benefits,

and if you stay with it,

it will continually enrich your life.

The way I personally approached it was by purchasing the book, which I will warn you is quite dense.  I think of it as a tome, a reference book to some esoteric mysteries of this world we find ourselves in.  In it, you can read all about the 64 gene keys in our DNA and contemplate how they play out in your life.

Along with the book, I got my free hologenic profile, and read the specific Gene Keys highlighted in my profile.  There was at least one line from each of those keys specific to my chart that brought me to tears. I felt something open up inside of me each time those tears fell. I found myself seeing those patterns and dilemmas show up in my everyday life and in my own psyche.


The Gene Keys speaks about these patterns as existing in different levels of vibration, ranging from shadow frequencies that cause us pain and suffering, to gift level frequencies, where the higher potential of those energy patterns are released and help make the world a better place.  I feel the Gene Keys was one of the most helpful things I found that helped me own and embrace my own shadow patterns.

I then embarked on the Golden Path Program, which is a self-study program split into three sections, guiding us through each sphere of our hologenic profile and the lines connecting the spheres.  It is a powerful program that I highly recommend!

If you would like more information or guidance from me to help you navigate your way through this system, please read on below.

Gene Keys Profile Sessions

Gene Keys Profile Sessions

I invite you to get your FREE

gene keys profile here

If you would like personal one-on-one

assistance exploring your profile

and what it means for you,

I am a certified Gene Keys Guide,

available for individual profile sessions


An individual profile session

will be a LIVE session over Zoom

(or Skype or phone, if you prefer)

customized to your profile,

 your questions,

and your style of self-inquiry 

and reflection.


*I am well-versed in both western astrology and Human Design and can help make connections between the Gene Keys system and either or both of those systems for greater understanding if needed/desired



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