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Quantum Healing Sessions


Individual BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Sessions


A 2-4 hour session that helps you

connect to your soul's wisdom and healing

in order to:

  • receive insights from your higher self

  • connect to your spiritual team of advisors

  • shift deep-seated patterns in your life

  • improve your health (physical and mental/emotional)

  • find answers to your deepest questions

  • heal from trauma

  • fulfill your purpose and dreams



What happens during a session?

Part 1: A Conversation

Time for you to share your

focus for the session

and any relevant background information 


Part 2: Intention-Setting Ceremony

Together we create an intention for the session

and infuse it into a glass of water

to drink before, during, and after the session


Part 3: Guided Meditation

With eyes closed and reclined in a comfortable position,

you will be led into a relaxed state 

that helps your mind explore

deeper realms of its consciousness

Part 4: Exploration

Your own intuition will bring forth

information, impressions, feelings, sensory details

that serve your intention and highest good

Part 5: Healing Chamber

For anything that feels unresolved

and in need of healing

Part 6: Asking Questions

Time to ask questions that are answered by

 your higher self

and/or spiritual advisory team

(angels, guides, ancestors, ascended masters, etc.)

Part 7: Recap

Return to everyday consciousness,

recap the highlights of the session,

make sure you feel grounded in your body,

share your take-aways


This session is audio-recorded (with your permission) 

for you to re-listen to, remember, and receive further insights

 and healing each time you listen to it.



"Your healing session—worth its weight in gold! That helped me so, so much! It's hard to put into words. Thank you!" -M.
"Joy is such a gentle and positive spirit! I felt so seen and heard as I shared information about my past, the problems I was having in my life, and my wishes for the future. I felt validated, cared for, and safe the entire time. I highly recommend Joy! She is an excellent space holder. After the session I was able to express myself creatively with more ease (which was a previous block) and feel confident about moving forward on my path." -A.

BQH sessions
Please scroll to select either a 2, 3, or 4 hour session

*BQH sessions are available online through Zoom,
to be scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays
between 9am-5pm Central Time Zone, U.S.

I can make arrangements to meet during the weekday if needed
with advance notice (2-4 weeks)



This technique was founded and is taught by Candace Craw-Goldman, 

a longtime friend, student, and trainer of Dolores Cannon's

 Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT)

These techniques are also known as past-life regression therapy,

as clients often end up exploring issues and experiences from other lives. 

Whereas QHHT is only conducted in person and according to a strict script that Dolores developed,

BQH teaches us to be able to offer it online and incorporate our other healing modalities

as needed in the session.

Possible Intentions & Questions for a BQH session:

  • Health issues- physical, mental and emotional

  • Life Goals - dreams, career, life purpose

  • Releasing deep-seated patterns

  • Healing trauma

  • Spiritual Questions  

  • Connection with your soul, higher self, spiritual team

  • Unexplained mysteries from your life

You are invited to bring a list of 3-10 questions 


that you would like answered through the course of the session



Please feel free to reach out to me by email or phone at  or


to address any questions or concerns you have

 prior to deciding to embark on this type of session

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