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Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) &

Gene Keys Profile Sessions




Quantum Healing

Online Sessions

These are 2-3 hour sessions where you are gently guided to discover the wisdom and power held within your subconscious mind.

These sessions can help find and heal the root cause of a recurring issue in your life,

connect you with your higher self and spirit guides for guidance and healing,

and help you activate and expand into your highest potential.

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Gene Keys

Online Profile Sessions

These are 1-2 hour sessions discussing your hologenic profile according to the Gene Keys system and relating the concepts to you and your life experiences for greater self-awareness and understanding.

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Connecting with the underground river of our soul

Both BQH and the Gene Keys help bring conscious awareness to that which lies in our subconscious and unconscious minds 



Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions

use guided meditation (also known as hypnosis techniques) to quiet the conscious mind so that it can rest in an observer role to find what is known in the soul. Our souls are the storehouse of deeper memory and awareness.  This information is easily retrieved by our subconscious and unconscious minds, which are accessed when we are in a relaxed state of consciousness.  

The Gene Keys system uses the process of contemplation.  Contemplation encourages and allows the conscious mind to witness the deeper archetypal energy patterns playing out within us and in our relationships.  We are often unconscious of these patterns and the potential hidden inside our wounded places. By looking deeply at the energies in our profile and in our DNA, we find we are able to work with our shadows to uncover the greater potential for vitality, unity and harmony held within those energy patterns.

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