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"Listen to your heart

 and trust the direction

 you are being pulled. 

Something inside you

 already knows what to do."

~Spring Washam

Intuition Development Course 


Every one of us is naturally intuitive, but we may not know it. 

We may have received discouraging feedback about these abilities in our lives, 

leading us to distrust the messages we receive.

We may have scared others and/or scared ourselves

with these abilities at some point

 and stopped listening and paying attention to the inner voice.

This course is designed to be a fun exploration

in (re-) activating these natural abilities 

to clearly receive intuitive messages for yourself 

(not to offer readings for others)

We will meet once a week for one hour, 

4 weeks in a row, 

and explore different ways of accessing this information 

through guided exercises, 

homework assignments, 

and sharing your experiences and questions in a safe setting. 

 We will also discuss ways to establish healthy boundaries 

around taking in this sort of information 

so as to not overwhelm ourselves with too much information, 

especially from other people and energies that feel uncomfortable.

Week 1: Clairsentience (Clear Feeling)

Week 2: Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

Week 3: Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Week 4: Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)

Looking at this list, you may already know which of these ways of receiving information that you feel competent in and which areas you feel blocked from accessing.  It's perfectly fine if you only receive intuitive awareness in one of these ways.  You can rely on that skill through all four weeks, in all of the exercises.  The point of the exercises is to simply give yourself permission to "exercise your intuition muscles" and to receive the messages your soul and guides want you to know right now.

"Do not think your truth can be found by anyone else"

~ Andre Gide

Intuition Development Course

4 classes over Zoom

Once a week, we will explore one of the forms of 

intuitive knowing through:

1)information to increase your awareness

of all the different ways

your intuition speaks to you,

2) guided meditations 

to practice receiving intuitive messages

from your soul and spirit guides,

3) small group discussion to support you

by providing a safe space to

share your experiences

and ask questions

4)suggestions of ways to create boundaries

around receiving this information

so that it feels manageable and safe.

5) ideas to try on your own

in between classes, and

6)class recordings to (re)watch

throughout the month

Please contact Joy at (515)724-3797


if interested in this course

or to find out more information


"Wow. This class. 

I had no idea what to expect going in, 

especially with this being my first foray into any sort of metaphysical exploration.

 But what the perfect intro it was. 

Joy immediately sets you at ease with her warm and accepting manner. 

Her knack for blending clear, explanatory information 

with space for feeling and emoting and questioning is exceptional.

 I particularly enjoyed the guided meditations, 

which brought forth more than I ever imagined. 

I'm so grateful!"


"I had always known in my heart that I had an intuitive ability, 

but never took the time to understand them or care to give it any attention.  

That was until my life started falling apart and I needed to know why. 

Not only myself, but my family was questioning my mental health.  

I needed validation that what I was experiencing was intuition and not a mental health issue.  

My life was heading in the right direction but I was falling apart 

and it was time for me to move forward in life and let all of my past go. 

Joy's Intuition Development Course was exactly what I needed!

 While taking this course with Joy, 

she helped me connect with my intuition in a way that I have never done before.  

Once I started understanding my intuition and how it works, 

I was able to receive answers for myself 

and about why I was so hung up on situations or people in my past 

and understood them on a whole new level.  

It allowed me to forgive those past traumas in my life 

and heal myself in a way that I never could have done alone.

I had been so caught up in a pattern of judgment, resentment, 

and hate about my past experiences 

that I couldn't focus on the now 

and what was really happening around me. 

 Joy's meditations allowed me to work through 

and release those past traumas in my life, 

some that I knew were there 

and some that reared their ugly head and forced me to recognize. 

I now am living in the present time 

and will continue to work with Joy

 when I feel I need a little bit a guidance when I'm struggling."


“I am so thankful I came across this class.  

I've always felt I had some intuition & 

now I know without a doubt I definitely do have the gift.  

It was so enlightening & also reassuring 

to know that the things I questioned about myself weren't my imagination.  

They are real & they are beautiful gifts. 

To be in this group with other beautiful souls with the same gifts was truly such a blessing, 

being able to share openly with one another 

our experiences without being laughed at or told you are crazy.  

We had a community of like minded souls

 supporting & encouraging each other as we discovered more about our gifts.

One of my favorite parts about each class was the meditation/visualization time.  

Joy has such a beautiful way to help us reach a state of attunement to our inner most selves.  

I loved it so much the 1st time I'm taking it again.   

If you are drawn to this class, I can't recommend it enough”


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