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Empathic Boundaries 

13 page e-book

detailing the strengths and challenges 

of being an empathically sensitive person,

along with

 4 specific ways of honoring your empathic sensitivity

and energy

 so that you feel empowered

 rather than depleted

in your everyday life


an audio file of a 25-minute

guided healing session

designed to help you

release energy you have absorbed


and consult your own intuition

on how to create safe and healthy

energetic boundaries for yourself

at this time


Empathic Boundaries

13 page e-book + 25 minute guided healing session

sent to you via email

~From a course I taught over Zoom on 2/22/21~

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Empathic Boundaries

Empathy is the ability to feel what someone else feels. This is different from sympathy, which is feeling compassion for someone else who is feeling something uncomfortable. Empathy is the ability to actually tune in and sense what someone else is feeling. We all have the capacity to feel empathy, especially with those we love and care about. Some of us were born with a strong natural inclination towards empathy and the ability to connect so easily with other people's energy, that it is sometimes difficult to determine the difference between what we are feeling versus what other people are feeling. Being empathic is a beautiful gift of being able to connect so deeply with another person that they feel heard, seen, and loved. But this gift can also sometimes lead to feeling depleted and overburdened by other people's emotions and troubles that we seem to take into ourselves and carry around with us. This e-book+ healing session is geared towards people who are so good at sensing what other people are feeling that it is causing some sort of distress and would like to establish a better sense of understanding and managing this empathic sensitivity.

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