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Chakra Workshops

~small groups over Zoom~

This is a series of seven workshops

 focusing on each one of the seven primary chakra centers: 

Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. 

 Each workshop will be about 1.5 hours long, 

where we will learn about each chakra 

and what aspects in ourselves and in our lives each chakra governs. 

 Each class will have information on ways to clear and support each chakra 

with recommended activities and exercises to try at-home, 

as well as a guided meditation to tune into the chakra itself 

and learn how to care for yours in particular. 

These workshops are offered individually, a la carte. 

 You do not have to attend all seven workshops, 

you can choose to attend the one(s) that call to you. 

 If you purchase the first six, 

you will be given access to the the seventh one for free. 

 They will be scheduled one month apart 

to give us adequate time to work with each chakra on our own.

All classes will be recorded for you to watch again 

or at your convenience 

if you are unable to attend live.


Crown Chakra

-Sunday October 31, 2021


Crown Chakra: 

Being Present to Source Energy

 Within Ourselves 

and in Each Moment

This workshop will focus on becoming more aware of the presence and flow of spiritual energy in each moment and within ourselves. We will learn tools and techniques to help us tap into this well of energy and healing available to us and how to surrender to its higher wisdom and love. We will learn ways to release any blocks impeding its flow through us and our lives.

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Third Eye Chakra

-Sunday Sept 26 at 10AM CDT

Third Eye Chakra: 

Seeing & Understanding the Bigger Picture. 

 Awakening the Witness Within.

This workshop will focus on ways to expand our awareness beyond our sometimes limited worldview. We will learn tools and techniques to help us connect with the Witness Within, to see the bigger picture and greater plan/purpose for our lives, and how to detach from and release outdated thought patterns and belief structures.


Throat Chakra

-Tue August 17 at 6 PM CDT

Throat Chakra: 

Listening To & Sharing Our Joy 

& Wisdom With Others

Each of us has a unique point of view and voice in this world. This workshop will focus on recognizing ours and the natural ways we enjoy sharing it with others and listening to others share theirs. We will learn ways to help us recognize and release any blocks we have standing in the way of hearing others and sharing with them what we know, as well as any imbalance we have between hearing others and speaking up.


Heart Chakra

-Tue July 13 at 7 PM CDT

Heart Chakra:

 Opening Our Hearts

 to Love Ourselves and Others 

More Unconditionally

This workshop will focus on recognizing ways we put conditions on our love and acceptance of ourselves and others, versus ways we are able to love freely with no strings attached. We will learn ways to help us forgive and release what we are ready to let go, and how to allow the power of Unconditional Love to be our inner teacher, healer, and friend.


Solar Plexus Chakra

- Tue June 15 at 7 PM CDT

Solar Plexus Chakra: 

Honoring Our Truth & 

Harnessing the Power of Our Will & Intent

This workshop will focus on recognizing the power of owning what is true for us and following our own unique path through life. We will learn ways to help us release guilt and shame about who we are and how to harness the power of our mind to create a life suited for our own unique soul. We will explore the sacred fire within and how to nourish it to sustain us through the challenges we encounter.


Sacral Chakra

-Tue May 18 at 1PM CDT

Sacral Chakra: 

Feeling Our Feelings, 

Connecting with Others, 

and Going With the Flow

This workshop will focus on recognizing when we are allowing our feelings and creativity to flow freely through us, versus how and when we feel stuck and stagnant. We will explore how connecting with others involves both giving and receiving energy. We will learn ways to help us get in touch with our feelings and to feel safe and not overwhelmed by them. We will explore ways we are naturally creative and abundant, and how to go with the flow of our natural energy and emotional rhythms within.


Root Chakra

   ~Tue April 20 at 1PM CDT

Root Chakra: 

Feeling Safe & Connected

 to Our Body and to the Earth

This workshop will focus on recognizing when we feel present and grounded in our bodies, versus the times when we don't. We will learn various tools and techniques to help our bodies switch our nervous systems from stressed out to relaxation mode, and ways to release the effects of stress and trauma in our bodies. We will learn ways to support and nourish our connection to our bodies and to the earth itself.

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