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Astrology for Soul Exploration Course 

 This is a series of 9 classes, each about 1.5 hours, on Zoom, that take place every other week. Each class is conducted live with a recording available to watch throughout the 4 month period in case you are unable to attend the live class and/or to revisit as needed. This will be a small group setting that will allow questions and answers throughout the 1.5 hour classes, with time for some information, some discussion, and some experiential exercises (such as guided meditations) to allow for your own intuitive wisdom to reveal itself to you. There will be a private facebook group for the duration where we can share ideas, questions, insights, and breakthroughs as we go through this process together.

The purpose of this course is to create a safe container to explore the wisdom and purpose of our souls by studying the components in our own astrological birthcharts. Our astrological birthcharts are a treasure map, revealing the gifts, challenges, and lessons we came here to explore. But the map is not the territory, we are the territory. The map is here to help us navigate the mysterious forces within us and in our lives. Each planet in our charts sits in a particular sign and in a particular house. We will present information about all three aspects for you to contemplate and receive your own insights into the deeper threads running through your life. We will also touch on ways to work with the movement of the planets through the years for further personal growth and achieving your dreams.

Class 1: The 12 Houses (and the 4 quadrants)

What fields of study is your soul focused on in this lifetime?

Class 2: The 12 Zodiac Signs (including the 4 elements and 3 types)

What archetypes did your soul choose to focus on exploring in this lifetime?

Class 3: The Sun and the Ascendant (and the relationship between the two)

What “master class” are you taking this life? What character role are you cast in?

Class 4: The Moon (including the phase of your moon and your north and south nodes)

What phase of the manifestation cycle are you a natural at? What do your nodes point to in terms of past life gifts and karma and in what direction your soul wants to evolve in this life?

Class 5: Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Our mind, our love, and our daring

Class 6: Jupiter and Saturn

Life coaches and divine teachers

Class 7: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Going beyond the confines of society's conditioning and the egoic identity, and transforming the wounds we endure

Class 8: The Asteroids: Chiron, Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno, & Vesta

Wounded Healer & Feminine Archetypes

Class 9: Putting it altogether, including Aspects (squares, trines, etc.) &

Sharing our take-aways from the class

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